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Website Designing and Development Services

How we Work with YOU
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Why Us?

Q) Why would you outsource your webdesign project to CodeBerg?
  • 15 years Experience in Offshore Web Design & Development!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Low-Cost Web Services. Global Production @ Indian Prices
  • Fiercely Committed to Quality & Creativity
  • FAST Communication - less than 10 hours TAT
  • On Time Delivery
  • Enthusiastic Partners! From Idea Generation (Upgradation, Participation) to Web Designing, Database Desgining, Web Programming, Internet Marketing to Web Hosting! We provide you 360 degrees of service. We are a Complete Web Services Solutions Company.
  • Fully Focused to your business! Just satisfying you is'nt just satisfying for us! Getting a beautiful and smart website launched, out into this wilderness is what we strive for. We believe a site should be designed to give you Profit! That's not just a website. That's marketing and mathematics - designed into your web site business!
  • We provide you what you NEED and not just what you want us to do. There would be things that you might not have told us to do, but we'd do it anyways since we know you'd need it!

This team did a great job on my website and I'm very pleased with the result. They went above and beyond and produced a quality product. I'm very happy with the result.
- Martin Boonzaayer 2011. USA.
Codeberg provided the web application on-time and with great documentation and follow-up. I had some minor bugs and even an enhancement needed post-project come up and he was prompt at providing great support. Admin Panel was very well done. Really happy. - Darren Dalasta 2011. USA.
It was great working with this provider. They replied quickly to questions and comments and had good ideas and suggestions. Delivery time was extended by 1 week, but that was in part due to changes and new features we suggested and they agreed to. They were very professional to work with and showed mastery both of the technical aspects and the design aspects of our website re-work. I will definitely consider them for future projects of this type.
- Tony Tutto 2011. USA.

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Aesthetically and Technically Superior Website Designing and Development

Admin Area Samples

If you are custom developing any web site development project with us, then chances are you would be needing a backend admin panel.

Here are a few samples of what zing we can bring about, to your web site control panel. The web programming was made using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS ofcourse and various other technologies.

Admin Sample #1
admin graph


A smart way to express and interpret a zillion things - all at a time - are Graphs and Charts!

The left Admin Control Panel, displays a Dashboard with 3D PIE and Bar Charts that displays the HITs for that day and the last 7 days.

You can have web charts like these in your admin panel, for any type of data.

For example, you can display the number of users registered, sales figures, hits etc

Admin Sample #2

Content Management System/ CMS.

Wordpress, CMS Made Simple, Joomla are good CMS / Content Management Systems but they are vast, cluttered and with so many controls, they look more like an airship cockpit. They have plugins that would satisfy a lot of requirements.

At times these are an overkill, especially if you are custom developing specific applications. You should rather custom build your controls rather than having plugins do the job. Afterall they are not the core of your system - they are plug-ins.

The one at the right displays Codeberg's Simple CMS for updating one or several pages of your site.

Pretty simple huh? Just update your content and concentrate on the admin controls which really matters.

simple cms
simple cms
Admin Sample #3
admin data

Interactive Tabular Data Display!

Data display for your website's admin panel, is now interesting!

A great looking interface for displaying your data adds a lot of excitement.

All the selected rows, columns and the cells, respond with suttle background color changes - interactive and informative.

Click here to view a popup of a Lame (bad) Display of Data!
Admin Sample #4

Dynamic AJAX-based Data Display

This is a powerful piece of Data Interactivity!

This system lets you view your website data, interact with them and perform various actions on them. This is best suited to membership sites.

For eg. you can view all your subscribers, move them to custom made folders, see details of your subscribers actions, send email to them .. all from this one panel.


Logo Samples

logo samples

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